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Golden Flower Tea
A small box with "Golden Flower Tea" written on it in neat script. It contains some loose-leaf tea.

Viva Ice
Strawberry-flavored shaved ice. The spoon has a lotto draw on it, and if you draw a winning one, you get another one free of charge.

Ramune x2
A sweet, lemon-flavored carbonated drink. The name comes from the word 'lemonade’ - It’s known for how the bottle is corked with a marble. If you take the bottle back to the Ramune shop, it can be re-used.


Golden Flower
A potted golden flower.

A gift from Felicia. This staff can revive a fallen comrade! Unfortunately, it doesn't work here and it's not like anyone has the staff rank to use it anyway.

Golden Gun x2
A replica of a gun used by a certain assassin. It seems to be missing a part, and the firing mechanism doesn’t work.

Star Sand
A small bottle of star sand that’s said to bring you happiness just by having it. It’s called sand, but it’s not actually rock. It’s the husks of small undersea creatures.

Blue Sephira x2
A gift from Arietta. A miniature statue of a goddess, said to increase your wealth! It's proof of having defeated the most feral of the God-Generals, congratulations!

Toy Camera
A camera made with cheap materials. Thanks to that low quality, its photos are blurry and have strange colors in them, which actually made it more popular.

Hundred-Year Potpourri
An item made with a matured mix of flowers, herbs and rinds, which you can enjoy the fragrance of. It’s been filled up with 100 years of fragrance-enjoying thoughts.

A porous stone spewed out from a volcano. You can use it to scrape off old, calloused skin from your heels.

Red Scarf
A scarf worn by a masked hero. It’s pretty scraggly since it’s been through a lot of fights.

Meteorite Arrow x2
An arrow discovered in ancient ruins. The arrowhead is made from a meteorite. They say that being cut by this arrow will allow one to see evil spirits.

Friendly Reminder That You're All Going To Die Down Here
A small round device that fits in the palm of your hand, black in color, with a certain logo ( on the top of it. There's a button in the center of the design that probably powers it on; be absolutely certain you want to do this before pressing it.

Candlestick Holders
A gift from the Transmitter. A pair of long, silver candlestick holders that seem unusually heavy for something their size. Almost like they were weighted for something...

Aperture Laboratory Mobility Gel Samples
A few samples of gel from Aperture Laboratories, in rather small quantities, just enough to cover one’s hand. A blue gel, an orange gel and a white gel. The blue one makes stuff bounce from it, the orange gel lessens friction considerably, the white gel doesn’t show any noticeable properties due to the lack of portals.

Maidenly Carry-On Bag
You’ll definitely want to take this with you if you ever go to “Maiden Doar”, the popular spot for buying female-oriented goods and doujin works.

Iron-Nicking Sword
A sword that cannot cut iron. It can’t cut living things either. In other words it’s useless.

Water Flute
A flute that makes a small birdsong-like sound when you pour water into the container and blow into the pipe.

Red Mascot Costume
A costume that makes one want to help out in a supporting role just by wearing it. Looks like a yeti.

Rose Whip
A whip made with real roses. Even beautiful roses have thorns.

A metal tool for pulling out nails and using like a lever. It’s gotten a very unfair reputation thanks to the phrase “crowbar-like object” coming up in police reports.

Infrared Thermometer
A thermometer that can take your temperature even if it’s not directly touching the skin. It measures temperature based on the infrared rays emitted by the human body.

Giving Away

Absolute Tuning Fork
A huge tuning fork that hides the power to destroy the entire world with resonance, if used by someone who has mastered the art of tuning. It’s also good for drying out laundry.

White Rabbit Earmuffs
A popular item from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Inabauer”.

The Queen’s Straitjacket
Clothing used for escape artistry by the genius illusionist, Queen Terko. It restricts both of your hands. Apparently there are people who feel pleasure from this feeling of restriction.

Lilienthal’s Wings
A hang glider model left by the aviation engineer Lilienthal. It’s filled with the dreams of humans who gazed up at the sky.

A thin, easily-dissolvable film made from starch. It’s useful for when you need to swallow a bitter pill, or to speak badly of someone.

Kitty Hairpin x2
A hairpin with a kitten design on it. With just this one little point, it makes girls shine.

Overlord T-Back
Underwear that can only be worn by those who can lord over buttocks. They’re unisex.

Millennium Prize Problems
Seven mathematics problems issued by the Clay Mathematics Institute in America. The prize money for solving even one of them is a million dollars.

The Queen’s Straitjacket
Clothing used for escape artistry by the genius illusionist, Queen Terko. It restricts both of your hands. Apparently there are people who feel pleasure from this feeling of restriction.

Blueberry Solid Gold
A popular brand of bracelet, made from pure gold. A product from a long-standing store loved by both men and women. Its brightness and sense of quality will get you 10% more attention.

Half Safety Boots
Half-shoes that only cover your toes. Like safety boots, though, there’s an iron plate on the front of them.

Torcat Drawers
New pant-style undergarments from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Wonder Dungeon”.

Given Away

Cerberus - Given to Wesker
A plush Doberman of acceptable hugging size. It's got a zipper attached to its chest that runs up under its neck, over its nose and head, and ends at about its shoulderblades. You can unzip its face to reveal a mass of adorable plush tentacles, full of adorable plush teeth!

Rappig Meat - Given to Arietta
A hunk of delicious cooked rappig, just like mom used to fry up with monster magic!