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IC Contact

Howdy! This is Asgore. Sorry I missed you - please leave a message, and I'll call you right back.
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12/25/16, morning, action

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[Hi, Dad. There's a present for you wrapped in shiny tissue paper waiting for you in the morning. Inside is a thick, fluffy white scarf with uneven tassels of royal purple fabric scraps. The tag reads:

merry christmas dad
i'm glad you're here
love, asriel
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Early April - Egg Delivery/Play date

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[He made it back to Goldenrod. Himself, his Lapras and one eggs safely tucked away. This is kind of like a vacation from work and research so he'll take it, especially because everyone has been talking up this big city so much. He supposes he should give it a proper look around.

But first thing's first.

Asgore... right? That was what the name was.]

Hey, it's Kira Yoshikage.

I should have sent a message a bit sooner, like, "I'm on my way" or something.
[But he forgot.] So I hope this isn't any trouble. I have my Lapras and your future Lapras so whenever you're free we can do that thing.

[The egg should hatch any day now so he got here just in time.]
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[Oh. He hadn't quite gotten that far yet.]

Well, normally I stay at the pokécenters. But I was considering a hotel maybe this time around. I haven't put too much thought into it just yet.
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[Considering how hard he's been working he can splurge for a night or two at a hotel, right? Plus it's more private, more so than a pokécenter. And maybe they can use the pool for his Lapras to swim in. That sounds as good a plan as any.

He has about an hour to get it together and find a place which is more than enough time. H3 ends up picking a nice little cozy hotel a bit off the beaten path from the center of the city. That should help keep things quiet enough for a poké playdate.]

I opted for something a bit more secluded... [Insert Address here] .

See you soon.
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[Oh. This guy is big. Like, unexpectedly big. (Kira is just a lanky ocean man.) But he's not intimidating, maybe it's the shirt...]

H-Howdy... [That's a new greeting to him. Not one you hear a lot or ever on the sea.] Um, well, I guess you already know... but I'm Kira Yoshikage. Thanks for taking time out of your day and sorry for taking so long to get here. But I really appreciate you wanting to see if these kinds of creatures would be compatible before taking on one of your own.

So... I figured a place with a pool would be good for Lapras, there's an outdoor one out back.
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[This is very true. Big guy in a silly shirt can be scary in it's own way though.]

Yeah. And... it's hard leaving a parent behind, I get that. [He tugs on his bangs a bit before gesturing for Asgore to follow him to the backdoor where the pool awaits. Thankfully it's a decent sized one, with a deep end and diving boards. The pool needs to be big if there's going to be a Lapras and some other large Pokémon in it.]

I have a Gyarados too. One of the coolest things to ever happen was that little carp turning into that. Just goes to show a little TLC goes a long way.

[The pool area seems to be empty, not that it matters too much if it wasn't but he prefers the privacy.] Okay. Come on out girl. [He tosses his red and white ball into the pool area, releasing the seafaring pokemon Lapras, who lets out a happy song version of her name. She's clearly glad to be out and about and in water too! Her flippers slap at the water a bit, purposely splashing and being a bit of a show off too in front of a new face. Wow Lapras.
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[Oh man. That creature that is basically goo is wild. Kira loves it. AND it can transform into other creatures. That's really really neat.

This nerd has some questions.]

That's amazing... it appears to be a perfect replica. And it can do that to any pokémon as many times as it pleases? What about other things? Inanimate objects or people?

[Kira's Lapras on the other hand is simply overjoyed and she lets out a happy song at the sight of another Lapras, even if it's a Ditto in disguise to see something like you after being the only one for so long is a fantastic feeling. They searched that one cave for the lone Lapras for days with little success. This isn't a wild Lapras or even an actual one but the joy he'd hoped to find for his creature came about and that's just as good.

Seems like if the egg goes to Asgore it will do extremely well.]
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[Kira can't help but offer a soft "wow". It can transform into people too, nearly exactly. He needs to get himself one of these jellies. (With a name like Jam he can't help but think of them as such.)]

You have a really incredible pokémon here. I mean, all of these creatures are amazing but this one's ability is truly phenomenal. If we had something close to this Ditto's abilities back home we could do so much with it. In the medical field, everywhere... This place that we ended up coming to, it's really incredible.

Where did you find Jam? Are these guys just out there in the wild?
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[He's going to have to look into that then. These little jellies seem incredibly useful!]

I get it though... I take it these guys get kind of abused as far as breeding goes. Which is a shame. I understand because you can bring back endangered species but... [He lets out a soft sigh, watching his Lapras happily splash Jam with her flippers.] It can be an ugly grey area.

Well, for what it's worth your Jam seems very happy. I obviously don't know him or his kind very well but just judging by how you wanted to do things with this egg, I think he's got a good thing going for him. He's clearly in good hands.
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[Kira lets out a soft hum.] This world seems pretty perfect in a lot of ways. But it's still of people who are less than perfect. There are endangered species which are this way because they are hunted and there are pokémon that are abused for all sorts of gains. Money or otherwise...

My mom was the kind of person that wanted to help everyone and everything. But that's impossible. All you can do is help and do the right thing when you can. That alone won't make the world a better place but it's a step in the right direction.

As a breeder, I guess I could easily abuse the system. But I'm much more interested in repopulating the endangered pokémon. And maybe guys like Jam could help me. But that's not a task I'm about to force on any pokémon. I hope there are more people that think like that then go the other route... Regardless, myself doing the right thing should be enough for me. And it is.

[Kira opens up his bag and to pull out a carefully wrapped blue and white spotted egg.] This Lapras will definitely be in good hands. And I'm really glad for that. [With gentle hands he holds out the bundle.]

Sounds can be heard coming from inside! This Egg will hatch soon!