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text, 2/25

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[SO. Bridges with Frisk are pretty well burned. Time to execute Plan B.]

sup, your majesty?
take it you're settling in?
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about as well as i can.

[So. Not very. But that's beside the point.]

you been getting along with the kids alright, yeah?
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[That means something, at least. Somebody's happy. About all he can ask for.]

place isn't all that bad, i guess.

i was thinking...
it'd be nice to maybe have a day out with all three of them, maybe.
so all of you could catch up.
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what makes you say that?
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i wouldn't sell 'em short.
they warmed up to undyne and papyrus alright.

[The fish that tried to skewer them (succeeded in doing so?) and the skeleton that tried to abduct them, respectively. Though it seems that Sans, uh, finally reached the limit of Frisk's seemingly endless forgiveness.

Probably for the best; up until now, he wasn't certain such a limit even existed.]

give 'em a shot.
you guys could all use a break.
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He sure doesn't think he knows 'em at all.]

have a day out with the three of them.
see what you think then.
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[Yep, this sure is an innocent and reasonable request.]

i think so, yeah.
and you could use a break too, you know?
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you think of looking into the guard?
i'm pretty sure undyne has.
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[They most certainly do.]

fair enough.
lemme know if you need anything, big guy.
and also when you and the kids hang.
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yeah, maybe.

[No, actually. But he's gotta know when it's happening, for, uh...reasons.]
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thanks, your maj.
have a good one.

[If he ends up hatin' his nonexistent guts for this, well, he won't say he didn't see it coming.

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[After a few mishaps about the house, things are just escalating more and more. Whilst the intention isn't to pull every occupant into the problems they're facing, a bright idea to get back at Chara (whilst being quiet and unalarming), may result in more than uh

More than one purple-faced monster, for a few days.

Sorry, your dadjesty.]
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[They may choke on their cereal when they see him for the first time, but it's very quickly followed by a thumbs up. That? That's a good look for you, sir.]
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[Their mom? A punk?

It's more likely than you think. Trying to swallow and not choke, they hum out an affirmation, dropping their spoon in favor of two thumbs up. That's two whole thumbs up, sir. You can't get much better than that.]
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[Text- the 28th]

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Mr Dreemurr?

[Message failed!

Him too.]
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Dont worry okay Asriel is with me. I'll take ccare of him.

I hope Chara's with you.

[Message failed.]