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Asgore's Home

shack not accurate to game shack

Asgore's little cob house is farther away from the main group of homes on Islet #3, giving him both some distance and some more land to cultivate. There is a flower garden in front, where he grows several native flowers including bluescythe cradles and chamomile, as well as some goldenrod. Strange, that doesn't seem to grow anywhere else. There is a deep red lantern flower seedling planted very near the door on one side. Asgore has provided some simple framework for it to grow on, clearly intending for it to climb up and around the doorway, but it has not gotten nearly that big yet.

On one side of the house, there is a small herb garden, which contains parsley, mint, basil, thyme, and sage. There are also two mature tea trees, kept trimmed at about Asgore's height. The other side of the house faces towards the forest, where some blackberry bushes have been transplanted along the treeline.

Behind the house, there is a cleared area containing a few rows of strawberries, several rows each of carrots and potatoes, and a large patch of scallions.

Asgore's tea production is limited by the ingredients available at any given time. While he's unlikely to have all of these on hand at once, the blends he can provide include:

  • Bluescythe Tea - flower tea, contains no caffeine. Brewed from the leaves of the bluescythe cradle flower, native to Enso. Sweet and fragrant.

  • Chamomile Tea - flower tea, contains no caffeine. A sweet and calming drink.

  • Citrus Mint Tea - green tea, contains a mild amount of caffeine. Cool mint with some lemon and orange zest.

  • Pomegranate Green Tea - green tea, contains a mild amount of caffeine. Fruity and crisp, with crushed pomegranate seeds and dried raspberry pieces.

  • Mango Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Citrusy and sweet.

  • Peach Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Very good iced, if you can get the ice.

  • Coconut Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Smooth and mellow; the amount of coconut flavor varies a little from batch to batch.

  • Blackberry Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Sweetly tart with a slightly dry finish.

  • Pu-Erh Orange Tea - pu-erh tea, contains a high level of caffeine. Earthy with sweet orange tones.

  • Candle Flower Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Made with the petals of the candle flower, it is fragrant and warming. Good for colds.

Unique Plants

  • Giant Living Chair: This variety of seedling, tinged a soft white, brings forth a large plant with a giant, dormant bud, which will bloom into one solitary flower. The flower's colour appears to be entirely up to chance, but it's large enough to seat a large-sized humanoid comfortably. The flower closes in cold weather, but the bud itself makes just as comfortable a cushion until it blooms again in spring.

  • Living Tables: This variety of seedling is a distinct plum colour. When rooted and cared for adequately, it produces sturdy tendrils that will latch onto anything placed into them as a trellis. The Roaka will inform Asgore that if trained correctly, seedlings of this kind will eventually weave together to create a solid mass of plant matter that can be used as a sturdy table.

  • Living Lanterns: This variety of seedling is a deep red, and grows to a modest height, boasting a long stem with several buds. Its one quirk is that it must be warmed with open flame close by to convince it to bloom. Once it does, though, it grows several large, red flowers that glow brightly with inner light. The flowers can be removed from the main stem and hung around dwellings, where their light will last for weeks, or the plant itself can be trained to grow and climb wherever light is desired.

  • Candle Flower: A bright and cheerfully yellow seedling. Thriving best at lower temperatures, the Candle Flower's orange and yellow blossoms radiate light and heat like their more mundane namesake. The flowers are also edible, and can be used to make a fragrant tea that's good for colds.

(1) Stickspray: The Storyteller will inform each member of your team that despite its cheerful exterior, this is no mere spray can. It can be filled at any mana pool once it runs dry, though once it is, the liquid within acquires some unique properties. Specifically, once sprayed onto any sprayable surface, it becomes a powerful adhesive with the strength of superglue times ten. Nothing short of desecrating the surface in question will successfully unstick whatever you decided to stick to it. So, on that note, be careful not to glue your fingers together.
(1) canister of salt
(1) wood saw
(1) coil of rope
(1) toothbrush
(1) jug
(1) teardrop-shaped pendant
(1) knapsack, embroidered
(1) backpack
(1) pink hand-knitted sweater that reads "MR. DAD GUY"
(1) framed family photo
(1) small box of Golden Flower Tea