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Asgore's Home

shack not accurate to game shack

Asgore's little cob house is farther away from the main group of homes on Islet #3, giving him both some distance and some more land to cultivate. There is a flower garden in front, where he grows several native flowers including bluescythe cradles and chamomile, as well as some goldenrod. Strange, that doesn't seem to grow anywhere else. There is a deep red lantern flower seedling planted very near the door on one side. Asgore has provided some simple framework for it to grow on, clearly intending for it to climb up and around the doorway, but it has not gotten nearly that big yet.

On one side of the house, there is a small herb garden, which contains parsley, mint, basil, thyme, and sage. There are also two mature tea trees, kept trimmed at about Asgore's height. The other side of the house faces towards the forest, where some blackberry bushes have been transplanted along the treeline.

Behind the house, there is a cleared area containing a few rows of strawberries, several rows each of carrots and potatoes, and a large patch of scallions.

Asgore's tea production is limited by the ingredients available at any given time. While he's unlikely to have all of these on hand at once, the blends he can provide include:

  • Bluescythe Tea - flower tea, contains no caffeine. Brewed from the leaves of the bluescythe cradle flower, native to Enso. Sweet and fragrant.

  • Chamomile Tea - flower tea, contains no caffeine. A sweet and calming drink.

  • Citrus Mint Tea - green tea, contains a mild amount of caffeine. Cool mint with some lemon and orange zest.

  • Pomegranate Green Tea - green tea, contains a mild amount of caffeine. Fruity and crisp, with crushed pomegranate seeds and dried raspberry pieces.

  • Mango Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Citrusy and sweet.

  • Peach Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Very good iced, if you can get the ice.

  • Coconut Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Smooth and mellow; the amount of coconut flavor varies a little from batch to batch.

  • Blackberry Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Sweetly tart with a slightly dry finish.

  • Pu-Erh Orange Tea - pu-erh tea, contains a high level of caffeine. Earthy with sweet orange tones.

  • Candle Flower Tea - black tea, contains caffeine. Made with the petals of the candle flower, it is fragrant and warming. Good for colds.

Unique Plants

  • Giant Living Chair: This variety of seedling, tinged a soft white, brings forth a large plant with a giant, dormant bud, which will bloom into one solitary flower. The flower's colour appears to be entirely up to chance, but it's large enough to seat a large-sized humanoid comfortably. The flower closes in cold weather, but the bud itself makes just as comfortable a cushion until it blooms again in spring.

  • Living Tables: This variety of seedling is a distinct plum colour. When rooted and cared for adequately, it produces sturdy tendrils that will latch onto anything placed into them as a trellis. The Roaka will inform Asgore that if trained correctly, seedlings of this kind will eventually weave together to create a solid mass of plant matter that can be used as a sturdy table.

  • Living Lanterns: This variety of seedling is a deep red, and grows to a modest height, boasting a long stem with several buds. Its one quirk is that it must be warmed with open flame close by to convince it to bloom. Once it does, though, it grows several large, red flowers that glow brightly with inner light. The flowers can be removed from the main stem and hung around dwellings, where their light will last for weeks, or the plant itself can be trained to grow and climb wherever light is desired.

  • Candle Flower: A bright and cheerfully yellow seedling. Thriving best at lower temperatures, the Candle Flower's orange and yellow blossoms radiate light and heat like their more mundane namesake. The flowers are also edible, and can be used to make a fragrant tea that's good for colds.

(1) Stickspray: The Storyteller will inform each member of your team that despite its cheerful exterior, this is no mere spray can. It can be filled at any mana pool once it runs dry, though once it is, the liquid within acquires some unique properties. Specifically, once sprayed onto any sprayable surface, it becomes a powerful adhesive with the strength of superglue times ten. Nothing short of desecrating the surface in question will successfully unstick whatever you decided to stick to it. So, on that note, be careful not to glue your fingers together.
(1) canister of salt
(1) wood saw
(1) coil of rope
(1) toothbrush
(1) jug
(1) teardrop-shaped pendant
(1) knapsack, embroidered
(1) backpack
(1) pink hand-knitted sweater that reads "MR. DAD GUY"
(1) framed family photo
(1) small box of Golden Flower Tea
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LifeAftr App

Player Information
Name: Lu
Age: 25
Contact: [ profile] lluosogrwydd / goldfinch#4530 @ Discord
Current characters: None

Character Information
Name: King Asgore Dreemurr
Series: Undertale
Appearance: papa gote
Age: 1,642
Canon Point: After a second Neutral ending
Transferring From: Trustfell (round 5)
Canon History: Wiki!

Canon Personality: Asgore is widely known to monsterkind as a complete and total softy. Despite being an age-old ruler, he doesn't hold himself apart from his subjects at all. His home is always open, and anyone can drop in on him to have a cup of tea, or even challenge him to a fight if that's really what they feel like doing. Though there is a Royal Guard, they don't seem to spend any time actually guarding their royal; their function is more like a general police force. He's very nurturing, and enjoys volunteering at local schools, as well as tending his garden.

Of course, Asgore also murders children sometimes! Yaaaaaaay!

Inwardly, Asgore Dreemurr is a deeply sad goat. He never got past the loss of his family, and deeply regrets his declaration of war against humans. While he was furious over his childrens' deaths at the time, the anger quickly faded, and he holds no true grudge against humans as a people. They're not all responsible for what happened, and certainly the children who fall Underground aren't. But, of course, he kills them nonetheless. Asgore has a very strong sense of duty, and will put the well-being of his people before anything else - even his own morals and welfare. The promise of eventual freedom is the only thing keeping many monsters going, so he feels that he must keep that promise, no matter how terrible it is. He can drag his feet and delay war as much as possible, and he does, but he can never just take back what he said. He has got definite cause for concern; in such an overcrowded space, it could easily be catastrophic for the populace to lose all hope, especially given the apparent tie between monsters' mental state and their physical health.

But, of course, trying to keep everyone happy all the time like he does never really works out in the end. As much as he feels beholden to his people, his actions also seem to stem equally from his general avoidance of conflict and desire to placate everybody. He's incredibly hands-off with his subordinates, even when they are obviously actively avoiding his attempts to check in on their work, and his first instinct is often to place responsibility for everybody's feelings on his own shoulders, even in interpersonal relationships where he is not functioning as their ruler. When he learns of the awful results of Alphys's experiments, his reaction is to hug her and blame himself for letting her reach such a state - while he definitely should have been more proactive in checking in, Alphys's emotional state is probably less relevant than the part where she kept a bunch of people locked in her basement. Still, his first reaction when faced with someone who's upset is to try to comfort them and assume all of the blame, even though Alphys is also clearly at fault. When faced with a hostile stranger who doesn't appear human, he will attempt to talk them down even as they approach him with a weapon and then stab him. Asgore really really does not want to FIGHT.

Even though he feels that his options are limited by his duty, Asgore obviously doesn't believe that this excuses him from guilt. He does not believe he deserves mercy, and will in fact outright refuse to accept any from Frisk; should they spare him, and Flowey not arrive to kill him, he will instead commit suicide so that they may go free. He asks Frisk to try to find a method of breaking the barrier on the surface, but this doesn't seem to really be his motivation; he simply has lost hope and sees no way forward that allows both of them to live. Of course, he acknowledges that it's a huge responsibility to give to a child and also a pretty awful thing to do in front of them, but he simply cannot see any other way forward. He puts monsterkind before anything, but given the chance, he'll easily prioritize literally anyone else over himself.

Asgore very much lives in the past; his home is unchanged from when Toriel, Asriel, and Chara lived there, and he's still trying to replicate Toriel's pie recipes. The only vague dream he has for his future basically involves a return to this happy family life, but of course he knows this is no longer possible. Without a biological child, he cannot age, and so is essentially immortal after Asriel's death. The vast span of hopeless years ahead of him probably also contributes towards his general everything.

Personality Shifts: There's two things about Trustfell that are super important to discuss. One, obviously, is that it was a murdergame, meaning that while Asgore himself survived, the majority of the other characters in the game killed or were killed around him over the course of about two months. The other is that it had a memory loss mechanic. When Asgore first entered the game, he believed that he had come from the Underground, before any humans ever fell. As such, Asgore was able to approach the others - the vast majority of whom were human - with the mindset he had when he first met Chara, rather than the one he had when he encountered Frisk. Because of this, he bonded with them all much more easily than he otherwise could have.

These friendships, along with the sense of responsibility he felt towards keeping the group together in some way, helped to bolster him as he slowly remembered the full extent of what had happened to his family and his kingdom. It seems as though Asgore had very little support on a personal level in canon after his children died - Toriel left him shortly thereafter, and the only other monster we meet who was alive then, Gerson, also felt distanced from Asgore after his declaration of war. While he is friendly with all of his subjects on a surface level, Asgore seems to not have many close personal friends; it's probably just a part of his position.

Re-experiencing these events with both his new friends and the added distance granted by the fact that he was remembering and not living them allowed Asgore to process them in a somewhat different way. It was impossible for him to cling to the past in the same way - he was in a new place now, and could not bury himself in the physical reminders of his lost family as he once had. The constant deaths around him also kept him from retreating too entirely; there was simply too much going on to ever really sink into his own memories. He still made some attempts, of course. He baked Toriel's pie for the others, attempted to grow golden flowers in the hospital garden, and spoke often of his family. Overall, though, he came to recognize that his previous way of living might not have been very good for him. After all, he felt something closer to peace now after only a few weeks of focusing on his newfound comrades rather than on his own guilt and grief, and that even as they kept on dying around him.

Another thing worth noting is that many of the friends Asgore made here were, quite frankly, terrible people who had dealt a whole lot more death than he ever did. One such friend was Wesker, a weird man who Asgore sort of adopted, and who is also a Resident Evil villain responsible for the extermination of most of humanity in his world. Another was the Transmitter, literally the person responsible for the murdergame, with whom Asgore bonded closely. His endgame experience was basically just repeatedly pressing MERCY on the Transmitter and her unholy human-soul-amalgamate friend, which was hilarious. From these experiences, Asgore came to consider his own guilt in a different light. While he still carries the same amount, he's encouraged everyone around him to continue on despite their sins - if he tells them that they can do better, then perhaps he should allow them to tell him the same. Many of them did, even those who were not good friends. It may have been one of the first times he was ever really able to discuss his guilt and regret; he does not feel that he can confide these feelings in his people, even those he's closest to who doubtless can tell how he really feels.

Asgore hasn't really forgiven himself - that's unlikely to ever happen. But he's come to realize that he is probably not actually the worst person on earth, and that it would be better if he were to live and keep trying than to continue destroying himself by dwelling on his own sins. Even before he died, he knew that killing himself was a huge abdication of responsibility; now, he feels that even if he does not return to kingship, he will be more helpful alive than dead.

After the events of Trustfell, Asgore's plan was to keep his promise to the Risen to find them bodies, and then return to his world with Rin Tohsaka, who had promised to help him find a way to shatter the barrier without the use of souls. They would have done this from the Surface side, of course, for safety's sake, which allowed Asgore to remain a little ambivalent about what he would do after that. He wasn't just kidnapped, after all, but had died. He assumes that Toriel has taken the throne now, and that the kingdom must have begun to move on. Though he still feels a duty to do right by his people, he thinks that perhaps the tumult that would come with his return from the dead would not be the best thing for them at all. They have a new ruler whose policies are doubtless the exact opposite of his, and though he would not challenge Toriel for leadership if she refused to let him resume his position, there would still be tension. Shattering the Barrier would only compound this; relationships with the humans would probably be easier if led by a Queen who had never declared war, right? There are practical considerations to this, but part of it is still just his guilt, leading him to wish to play dead if not to pursue death for real again. Everyone might be better off without him.

If he did not return, though, he would have gone traveling with a group of friends from Trustfell. He wouldn't have consigned himself back to a lonely existence of grieving what he could never regain. At least that's something. In the end, of course, he never reached the point where he had to truly commit to one path or the other; he is still not quite decided.

Abilities: Asgore is one of the strongest monsters in the Underground, with very high ATK and DEF that let him deal and weather a lot more damage than most monsters. He fights with both fire magic and a magical trident, through which he can channel both blue and orange magic. According to Undyne, he is also very good at dodging attacks, though he never does this within the game itself, which does bring up a point: given how monsters' stats work, the fact that Asgore is unmotivated to fight in canon probably means that his capabilities are greater than what we actually see him exhibit. He did survive the extremely one-sided war between monsters and humans, so he's experienced in battle and could probably be very deadly if he actually tried. He's probably also capable of green healing magic, given that Toriel uses it and they have essentially the same in-battle skillset.

Like all monsters, he has the ability to absorb the soul of a newly-deceased human. Doing so transforms a monster into a powerful new form, though they also share control of that form with said human.

Of course, he also shares the weaknesses common to all monsters; even with his high stats, he can still easily be struck down by a sufficiently malicious human, regardless of their physical abilities. As a boss monster, Asgore's soul is strong enough to linger for a few moments after his death. A human or other non-monster entity could potentially absorb it during this short window of time. This has never happened before in canon, so the exact results are unknown, but in theory it would probably be similar to the reverse case: a massive power boost along with a shared body.

Also, Asgore knows a lot about horticulture and tea-making. Fear his gardening skills.

- Armor, cape, and crown
- A human-sized backpack that, on Asgore's frame, is hilariously tiny and pretty much functions as a weird purse. Contains:
-- A pink hand-knitted sweater that reads "MR. DAD GUY"
-- A framed family photo
-- A small box of Golden Flower Tea


Thread Sample: lol it was hard to pick one but I have a spreadsheet if you want more
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would you like a cup of tea?

Post-Trustfell / general CMO
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First Impressions / Permissions

▷ First Impressions
▶ VISUAL: Asgore is, first and foremost, a very large monster. He stands over eight feet tall, not including his horns. Most people think he resembles a goat, and there are clear similarities in the long curved horns, floppy ears, and the short white fur that covers his body. Some other qualities are more lionish, however. He has longer yellow hair and a beard, sort of like a mane, as well as sharp claws and teeth. The claws are kept carefully short, and his pawpads are thick and callused.

He's soft-looking, but there are muscles underneath the fat and fluff. Despite his size, his manner isn't very intimidating. He moves carefully, as if afraid to inadvertently step on someone, and with a surprising amount of grace. Oftentimes he's dressed as a king, in golden armor and a flowing purple cape, but in more casual settings he likes soft colors, floral patterns, and stupid sweaters. He doesn't use footwear.
▶ AURAL: Asgore's voice is very deep, as one would expect from a creature his size. It carries easily as it is, so he rarely speaks loudly.
▶ DEMEANOUR: Asgore is very friendly and always willing to chat. He generally seems very calm and stable. Sometimes he seems a little melancholy, but he's far more likely to want to help with other peoples' problems than ever talk about his own.
▷ IC Permissions
▶ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Subjects that may come up include child death and suicide. I'll label those.
▷ OOC Permissions
▶ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Just tag the usual things, I suppose?
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Family Photo - Received from Wesker

Trident - taken from Wesker's room after his death

Bifröst x2
A gift from Felicia. This staff can revive a fallen comrade! Unfortunately, it doesn't work here and it's not like anyone has the staff rank to use it anyway.

Friendly Reminder That You're All Going To Die Down Here
A small round device that fits in the palm of your hand, black in color, with a certain logo ( on the top of it. There's a button in the center of the design that probably powers it on; be absolutely certain you want to do this before pressing it.

Azoth Dagger x2
A gift from Rin. While it's called a dagger, its purpose is largely ceremonial. Makes for a great gift from mentors of magecraft to their students! Can also double as a questionable funeral gift for a small child.

Horror Stories to Tell in the Dark
A gift from Sakura. A collection of spooky stories from a well-loved book. Great for sleepovers!

Star Sand
A small bottle of star sand that’s said to bring you happiness just by having it. It’s called sand, but it’s not actually rock. It’s the husks of small undersea creatures.

Blue Sephira x2
A gift from Arietta. A miniature statue of a goddess, said to increase your wealth! It's proof of having defeated the most feral of the God-Generals, congratulations!

Toy Camera
A camera made with cheap materials. Thanks to that low quality, its photos are blurry and have strange colors in them, which actually made it more popular.

Hundred-Year Potpourri
An item made with a matured mix of flowers, herbs and rinds, which you can enjoy the fragrance of. It’s been filled up with 100 years of fragrance-enjoying thoughts.

A porous stone spewed out from a volcano. You can use it to scrape off old, calloused skin from your heels.

Red Scarf x2
A scarf worn by a masked hero. It’s pretty scraggly since it’s been through a lot of fights.

Meteorite Arrow x2
An arrow discovered in ancient ruins. The arrowhead is made from a meteorite. They say that being cut by this arrow will allow one to see evil spirits.

Earth Dragon
A gift from Sakura K. A nice little figurine for your shelf! That is, if you like weird armless dinosaur gods for some reason.

Candlestick Holders
A gift from the Transmitter. A pair of long, silver candlestick holders that seem unusually heavy for something their size. Almost like they were weighted for something...

Aperture Laboratory Mobility Gel Samples
A few samples of gel from Aperture Laboratories, in rather small quantities, just enough to cover one’s hand. A blue gel, an orange gel and a white gel. The blue one makes stuff bounce from it, the orange gel lessens friction considerably, the white gel doesn’t show any noticeable properties due to the lack of portals.

Maidenly Carry-On Bag
You’ll definitely want to take this with you if you ever go to “Maiden Doar”, the popular spot for buying female-oriented goods and doujin works.

Iron-Nicking Sword
A sword that cannot cut iron. It can’t cut living things either. In other words it’s useless.

Red Mascot Costume x2
A costume that makes one want to help out in a supporting role just by wearing it. Looks like a yeti.

Rose Whip x2
A whip made with real roses. Even beautiful roses have thorns.

Crowbar x3
A metal tool for pulling out nails and using like a lever. It’s gotten a very unfair reputation thanks to the phrase “crowbar-like object” coming up in police reports.

Small Bottle
A gift from the Transmitter. A small, dark-colored bottle with a liquid of some sort inside. The label on the bottle has only one word on it: Tetrodoxotin.

Martel Pamphlet
Your average trifold flyer extolling the virtues of the Martel Group. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

Sunglasses x2
A gift from Wesker. Now you too can wear your sunglasses indoors and look like a douche! (No offense, George.)

Hatchet x2
A gift from the Transmitter. A small axe usually intended for survival purposes. Exactly how much it helps anyone survive here is up to you to decide.

Saint Blade
A gift from Nachetanya. This crystalline alloy doesn't seem to make for a very sturdy weapon, but is certainly is beautiful!

A gift from Krauser. A set of three herbs: red, green, and yellow. Eating them will restore some health and heal minor injuries! Sadly, mixing them does not turn them into a bottle.

Moon Rock
A rock brought back from the Apollo moon landing. The composition of moon rocks varies based on where they’re taken from. This rock was taken from the “Sea of Tranquility”.

Genius Author Fountain Pen
A fountain pen used by a late, great novelist. The soul of the novelist dwells within it, and no matter who uses the pen, they can only write this same sentence. “I am no longer human.”

Fishing Rod Pen
A fishing rod made so that you can have fun fishing anywhere, anytime. It can shrink down to the size of a ballpoint pen, leaving you free to carry it around.

Portable Gaming System
A portable gaming system that’s a huge hit. It also includes a music player and a movie playback system.

Blueberry Solid Gold
A popular brand of bracelet, made from pure gold. A product from a long-standing store loved by both men and women. Its brightness and sense of quality will get you 10% more attention.

Giving Away

Defective Portal Gun
A shoddy prototype of the portal gun made by Aperture Laboratories. It does no more than spark and be excessively heavy. What does it have inside, a black hole?

Showa Radio
A classic-style radio, with a retro appearance but state-of-the-art technology on the inside. Now we just need to make a radio station, and we’ll be set!

Pagan Dance
A portable-gaming-system-exclusive game that was cancelled before release. An R-rated game in which you become a huge god and bring divine retribution on humans one after another.

Infrared Thermometer
A thermometer that can take your temperature even if it’s not directly touching the skin. It measures temperature based on the infrared rays emitted by the human body.

Water Flute
A flute that makes a small birdsong-like sound when you pour water into the container and blow into the pipe.

Roller Slippers
Slippers with wheels in the heels. They were invented so that one could move around comfortably in their own home, even though nobody ever asked for such a thing.

Small Light
When you light something with this light, it will become small… actually, no, it’s a flashlight the size of a matchbox.

Love Affair Ring
A pinky ring that will bring you affection if you wear it on your right hand, bring you romance if you wear it on your left hand, and bring ruin upon you if you wear it on both.

White Rabbit Earmuffs
A popular item from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Inabauer”.

Gloves of Tomorrow
Boxing gloves ingrained with much effort and passion. When you wear them, you will want to make cross-counters.

Vibrating Kokeshi x2
A round-headed kokeshi doll that begins to vibrate uncontrollably when you press the switch on the bottom. It looks sort of like a children’s toy, but who knows how you’re supposed to use the thing.

Multi-Sided Dice Set
A set of dice with 4, 6, 12 and 20 faces. They were made in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the world-famous tabletop RPG, “URPS”.

Silver Ring
A ring made of very pure silver. There’s a naturally-occurring pink tourmaline set into the back. If you don’t know what to present someone with, give them this.

Golden Gun x3
A replica of a gun used by a certain assassin. It seems to be missing a part, and the firing mechanism doesn’t work.

Hand Bra
A brassiere made to look as if they’re completely covered by a pair of hands. As stated by the tag line, “The left and right hands are for support only”, wearing it gives a new sensation.

Absolute Tuning Fork x2
A huge tuning fork that hides the power to destroy the entire world with resonance, if used by someone who has mastered the art of tuning. It’s also good for drying out laundry.

White Rabbit Earmuffs
A popular item from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Inabauer”.

The Queen’s Straitjacket
Clothing used for escape artistry by the genius illusionist, Queen Terko. It restricts both of your hands. Apparently there are people who feel pleasure from this feeling of restriction.

Lilienthal’s Wings x2
A hang glider model left by the aviation engineer Lilienthal. It’s filled with the dreams of humans who gazed up at the sky.

A thin, easily-dissolvable film made from starch. It’s useful for when you need to swallow a bitter pill, or to speak badly of someone.

Kitty Hairpin x3
A hairpin with a kitten design on it. With just this one little point, it makes girls shine.

Overlord T-Back
Underwear that can only be worn by those who can lord over buttocks. They’re unisex.

Millennium Prize Problems
Seven mathematics problems issued by the Clay Mathematics Institute in America. The prize money for solving even one of them is a million dollars.

The Queen’s Straitjacket
Clothing used for escape artistry by the genius illusionist, Queen Terko. It restricts both of your hands. Apparently there are people who feel pleasure from this feeling of restriction.

Blueberry Solid Gold
A popular brand of bracelet, made from pure gold. A product from a long-standing store loved by both men and women. Its brightness and sense of quality will get you 10% more attention.

Half Safety Boots
Half-shoes that only cover your toes. Like safety boots, though, there’s an iron plate on the front of them.

Torcat Drawers
New pant-style undergarments from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Wonder Dungeon”.

Berserker Armor
Armor that grants its wearer power like that of a berserker. As compensation, it erodes the wearer’s life force.

Given Away / Consumed

Golden Flower - Planted in the greenhouse
A potted golden flower.

Cerberus - Given to Wesker
A plush Doberman of acceptable hugging size. It's got a zipper attached to its chest that runs up under its neck, over its nose and head, and ends at about its shoulderblades. You can unzip its face to reveal a mass of adorable plush tentacles, full of adorable plush teeth!

Golden Flower Tea - Drank it
A small box with "Golden Flower Tea" written on it in neat script. It contains some loose-leaf tea.

Rappig Meat - Given to Arietta
A hunk of delicious cooked rappig, just like mom used to fry up with monster magic!
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IC Contact

Howdy! This is Asgore. Sorry I missed you - please leave a message, and I'll call you right back.